Fictional People We'd Love to Be BFFs With

Continuing on our theme from last week - Celebs We'd Love to Be BFFs With - we started thinking about which fictional people make up our #squadgoals. 


I've lived in so many fantasy and fictional worlds with so many amazing characters but if I had to choose some friends, these three would be at the top of my list, at this current time.


The kindest of her siblings, Death always has a sweet thing to say to anyone who comes her way. Of course, I wouldn't wan to be dead when I met her, but I feel like she would put a lot of things into perspective, life-wise.

Veronica Mars

If you're Veronica's friend, she will always have your back. If someone's messing with me, I would want Veronica at my side to kick ass and take names. 

Linda Belcher

Linda is by far the best Mom on TV right now. She is the most supportive, most fun and the most totally outrageous and she seems like she would be a hoot and a half to hang out with. 


There are literally dozens of characters I'd want to hang with, but I forced myself to narrow it down.

Anyone from Harry Potter

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I found a paragraph I wrote when I was nine years old talking about how I wanted to be friends with the Trio. That sentiment hasn't changed seventeen years later, except now I'm willing to befriend people outside of Harry/Ron/Hermione - Luna, especially. Or any of the Weasleys. Neville Longbottom (and no, not just because Matthew Lewis is super attractive). Tonks, the Marauders...basically anyone but Umbridge. Or Voldemort, I guess. 

Marceline (Adventure Time)

Since I once wrote a post about how much I love a fictional vampire queen, obviously Marcy's on my list of characters I want to know in real life. She's just the coolest. I'd learn to play an instrument so we could jam together. And I'd force her to visit the Ice King more often (mostly so that I could fulfill my dream of having a pet penguin). Plus - bonus - I could hang with any of the other inhabitants of Ooo!

Gina Linetti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

As one of the greatest characters to exist on TV, Gina would be the perfect friend. She doesn't hold back when it comes to laying down some truth bombs, and her uncharted level of self-confidence is both admirable and hilarious (she refers to herself as the "Paris of people"). Basically, she looks like SO MUCH FUN, and she could teach me some sick dance moves.