Santi Track-by-Track Review

Last year, for our first Saturday collaboration, we brought you a track-by-track review of one of our mutual favourite albums, Jack’s Mannequin’s Everything in Transit. This year, to celebrate our anniversary, we’re gushing over another beloved album: The Academy Is…’s Santi.

Same Blood

S: The bass in this song is a thing of beauty. It’s such a strong opening to the album, and really sets the mood for the rest of the track list. I can’t remember if I heard it live the first (and only!) time I saw TAI as a full band, but it always makes me want to flail around. 

J: This really is a fantastic way to start the album. It's high energy and puts you into the spirit of what's going to be coming next throughout the rest of the songs.

LAX to O’Hare

S: I’m going to Chicago for the first time in July, and you can bet I’ll be listening to this song the second we start our descent into O’Hare. The “series of unfortunate events” line has always made me smile (I like to think he’s referring to the Lemony Snicket books, but probably not), and it’s just so good.

J: The drum beat on this song is amazing and it's just an all around fun song to bop around to.

We’ve Got a Big Mess on Our Hands

S: If you’ve never seen the video for this, go ahead and watch it now (and make sure you watch Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks Fr th Mmrs” while you’re at it). This is a song that begs to be blasted out loud – from that pounding intro to the addictive “ahh” that runs through the chorus, it’s hard not to want to grab the nearest remote and practice your best rockstar moves.

J: I agree, this song is a blaster. Play it loud and proud. It's hard to not start screaming along to the "ahs" (mostly because those "ahs" plus the title make up each chorus). 

Sleeping with Giants (Lifetime)

S: For some reason, I consider this the quintessential TAI song. There's something about it that seems to encompass TAI's sound - both for this album and in general - and it's a lot of fun to sing-along as dramatically as possible. 

J: That's super interesting that Sam says that, because I genuinely could not conjure this song in my head until I listened to it! I like it, but it's not really one of my faves.

Everything We Had

S: Closely followed by “Slow Down” (which was the first time I heard William Beckett’s gorgeous voice), this has always been my favourite TAI song. It’s bittersweet and so emo, but I can’t help warbling along with my hands clutched over my heart. I also really enjoy this video – not just because of the (literally) backwards storyline, but also Beckett in a leather jacket.

J: Oh boy, this song. I love this song. It is so, so emo and it brings me right back to being 17 and having ALL OF THE FEELINGS ABOUT EVERYTHING. It's so fucking dramatic, it's fantastic.

Bulls in Brooklyn

S: There's something jarring about the way this song starts that makes it feel like it doesn't really fit with the rest of the album, but it blends in well with the next song in terms of energy, so it's all good. I love the percussion (let's be real, I just love the Butcher in general) and the "whoa-ohs".

J: It is true that the intro is a little different from the rest of the songs, but I totally dig this track. I like the warbling effect on Beckett's voice and I think it's a really interesting different kind of song.


S: My second favourite song on the album, it’s three minutes of fun and it always makes me want to flail around. I dare you not to bop your head throughout the chorus.

J: My definite favourite song off the album. It's so much fun, and I'm obsessed with the opening guitar riff. I still listen to this song on the reg.


S: I love this song but I don't know why or how to describe it. Just listen to it, I guess. 

J: Yeah, this song is weird for me, I used to really not like it at all, but then I kept listening to it and it really grew on me. Plus Beckett's little 'HA HA' before the last chorus gets me every time.

Chop Chop

S: As much as I like this song, I’ve never had any particularly strong feelings about it. I love singing along to it (as I do with most of this album), but it doesn’t elicit a powerful reaction from me. 

J: I don't care for this song much. It's okay, but I agree with Sam, it doesn't make me feel things like a lot of the other songs do. 

You Might Have Noticed

S: I've listened to this album so many times, the last two songs sort of blend together and I don't really give them a second thought. There's nothing wrong with them, I just think that most of my favourites are in the first half so the second half falls a little flat. 

J: YES! The last two songs blend together! Those are my exact thoughts. There are so many other strong hits on the album but it feels like the album should have already ended by this point. 

Unexpected Places

S: I actually couldn't think of what this song sounded like until I listened to it again. I like the chop (chop)-y way Beckett sings during the verses, otherwise I don't have strong feelings for this one either. 

J: The song is alright. That's about all I can say about it.