Concerts We Wish We Could've Attended


When I think about shows I wish I could have gone to, I don't have exact dates or places, but bands that I either had the opportunity to see but didn't, or the fact that time travel doesn't exist, prevents me from having seen them in their prime.

  • Explosions in the Sky - I had tickets to one of their shows but had a panic attack and didn't go. I still haven't seen them live.
  • The Beatles during their Revolver era. 
  • Led Zeppelin at basically anytime. 
  • Something Corporate, while they were still Something Corporate.


There are lots of shows I wish I could have attended, most of them from the past decade (including many that happened in the last two years):

  • Panic! at the Disco circa 2007 (with their old-school circus-inspired shows)
  • Warped Tour 2008 (literally all the bands I listened to at the time were there)
  • All Time Low at Wembley Arena (2015)
  • Bring Me The Horizon at Royal Albert Hall, backed by a full orchestra (2016)
  • Slam Dunk 2016 (it was a couple of weeks ago and my heart broke every time I checked Twitter. SO MANY GOOD BANDS IN ONE PLACE)

I’m not a huge fan of any “classic” bands so I wouldn't necessarily add them to the list (I mean, if someone had handed me tickets to see David Bowie or Queen (with Freddie Mercury), I'd have probably gone) but if I had been a teenager in the seventies/eighties, I like to think I’d have made it to some old-school punk shows.