Current Soundtrack to Our Lives


If we're talking about songs that I've been listening to obsessively (and thus, they make up my life), I'd say anything off of Panic! at the Disco's Death of a Bachelor or The Maine's American Candy. But if we're talking about songs I relate to at this time in my life, then I'd have to pick these two:

"Figure Me Out" - The Summer Set

Like Brian Dales, I too am a bit "too pop for the punk kids/too punk for the pop kids". And I like that the song is about trying to find yourself/your place in the world when you're feeling stuck because, in my experience, that's exactly what being in your twenties is all about.

"UGH!" - The 1975

While I can't necessarily relate to the lyrics, I definitely feel ugh sometimes when I'm at work.


Attempting to write this without resorting to Hamilton songs is really freaking difficult. Then I realize, I'm listening to far more podcasts than I am actual songs. There is one in particular that I can't stop listening to.

Answer me this

Helen and Olly will answer you whatever burning questions are on your mind. Each ep is educational and hilarious and I can't stop listening.