Squeeing Saturday - July 2016

Here are some of the things we're currently obsessed with!


Actor: Idris Elba

I haven't actually seen Idris Elba in anything (though we own the first season of Luther which I'm pretty stoked to start), but I've heard him as both the police chief in Zootopia and Shere Khan in The Jungle Book. His voice can best be described as velvet thunder and is the perfect combination of Morgan Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch and I can listen to it all day

Band: Moose Blood

I saw Moose Blood twice last year, but I've really been into them lately. Their second album, Blush, comes out in August, so, in the meantime, I've been listening to their debut on repeat. "Gum" is one of the greatest story-telling songs I've heard in a while, and if you like old-school Taking Back Sunday, you'll like this English chaps. 

Song: “Snap Out of It” - Arctic Monkeys

I hate myself so much for not getting into Arctic Monkeys before they went on hiatus (in my defense, we tried to get tickets for their last Toronto show two years ago, but it was sold out). We play this song at work, and I'm genuinely obsessed with it. SO GOOD. 

Game: Sailor Moon Drops

It's a Bejeweled/Candy Crush type game but the different levels tell the story of Sailor Moon (and the rest of the Sailor Scouts) and it's interstellar! I'm close to unlocking Sailor Jupiter, but mostly I play as Sailor Mercury because she's my fave.


Podcast: Reply All

"Reply All" is a show about the Internet, and each 15-20 minute episode is a short story about one particular facet of the online world and how it affects our "real" world. Episodes range from talking about "Jennicam", which is considered to be one of the first livestreaming experiences, and about who may have invented email. Each episode is quick and interesting.

Song: Bad Idea - Waitress

I have had this song in my head all week. I'm completely obsessed with the chorus and I have been singing it all over my apartment incessantly. I hope my neighbours don't mind.

Video game: witcher 3

Though this game is over a year old, I finally finished it last night. I don't particularly love the protagonist, whom you are forced to play, nor do I like that every woman you run across is either a sexpot or an old hag, but I love running around the world with it's magical scenery and exciting side/fetch quests.