Favourite Disney Princesses


Growing up, I always felt a kinship for the newer princesses, like Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan, because they seemed to have a bit more agency than the earlier princesses, like Aurora or Cinderella. Of course, my favourite princess at the time was Belle. She had brown hair like me and she loved to read, and that was pretty much all that I needed to fall in love with her. 

Now that I've gotten a bit older, my favourite princess would have to be Rapunzel. I love her spirit and her excitement. She makes me feel happy and I could watch Tangled any day.


I’m not sure who my fave princess was as a child...I don’t know if I really picked one in particular or if I just liked the movies for the sidekicks (Iago is one of the best characters ever, just sayin’). I like Belle because she’s a reader (like me!), Ariel because she’s determined (side note: The Little Mermaid features my favourite prince – more on that next week), and Jasmine because she’s hella independent (even if she does fall in love awfully fast). But, after seeing Tangled in 2010, Rapunzel shot to the top of my list. 

She’s a combination of all the qualities I like in the “classic” princesses: smart, determined, and (somewhat) independent. Plus she’s artistic and has a child-like innocence that I can appreciate. I feel like she’s also one of the more whimsical princesses (probably because of her artistic streak), and that girl can rock floor-length hair like no other. 

I’d also like to shout out to Merida (Brave) who doesn’t get nearly enough love despite being a butt-kicking Scottish princess who literally took on a bear rather than being forced into marriage. How’s that for feminism?