Favourite Disney Princes


Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid

He’s not the brightest prince in the world (are any of the classic princes smart, though?), but the man has a deep appreciation for good music and I can relate. Plus he has the dark hair/blue eyes thing going which is a delightful combination (my sister once referred to him as a “cartoon Daniel Radcliffe” and I died).

Flynn Rider, Tangled

Though not techincally a prince, Flynn (or “Eugene”, as I like to call him) does have an impressive smoulder and a way with words (even if he’s not always truthful) – that “you were my new dream” line kills me EVERY TIME. I don’t blame Rapunzel for falling in love with him right away.

Bonus: Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

He’s also not a prince (he’s actually the Pumpkin King, thank you very much), and isn’t truly Disney (they weren’t the original distributors for Nightmare), but Jack is bae so obviously he’s on this list. 


I have to say, I far prefer the princesses to the princes (mostly because the princesses in recent years have more of a storyline. In fact... most Disney movies that involve princesses are about the princess. Huh. Never really realized that before).

In any case, because of this, the only prince that really stands out to me was Aladdin. He was the star of his own movie and, though he may be a bit of a street rat, he does mean well, and does have a good heart. Plus... he's super hot. For a cartoon. Ahem.