Things We Want to Learn


I have started eating very protein-heavy meals three times a day, in an effort to curb my cravings and fill my tummy in the way it needs to be filled. I would love to be able to make interesting and delicious meals for myself so I'm not just making the same piece of salmon every night. I want to get experimental and treat myself to good, healthy stuff, that I can say I made myself.


This summer, I’m all about the languages. I practice French with one co-worker (I’m pretty much fluent, just really rusty); Spanish with another (I can’t remember much from my high school classes); and a third is teaching me German (das ist gut). I’ve also downloaded a sign language app because it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, and, after helping a couple of deaf customers, I’m even more interested in learning how to communicate with my hands (if you’ve met me in real life, you know that I often use my hands to talk anyway, so it seems like a natural step!).