Squeeing Saturday - September 2016

Here's what we squee-ed about this month!


Band: Arkells

I’m honestly kicking myself so hard for not getting into Arkells earlier. I mean, I literally went to school a couple of blocks away from Arkell Street (where they got their name from). I’ve tried listened to them before but could never get into them until this year...which, of course, is the same year they’re selling out their shows and not playing any free events.

Musician: Gustav Wood, Young Guns

So not only did Young Guns release another banger of an album, but I’ve also discovered that I find lead singer Gustav Wood to be weirdly attractive. He’s not conventionally good-looking, but I believe his eyes can pierce straight into your soul and back out the other side. Plus it’s fun to say his name (GUUUUUSSSTTAAVVVV). 

Song: "Knuckles" - Moose Blood

Last month, I gave Moose Blood’s sophomore album, Blush, a perfect score because it’s so dang good, and I’ve listened to it a dozen times since then. This is the best song (in my opinion), and the video is so cute!


TV Show: The Good Place

This new comedy from Mike Schur is freaking great. Kristin Bell plays Eleanor, a person who accidentally gets sent to "the good place" after she dies in a less than elegant way. "The good place" is a place only for those who have dedicated their lives to doing good. Eleanor was not one of those people and soon chaos starts to ensue. I cannot wait to see how this season shapes up.

Book: American Heiress - Jeffrey Toobin

I just started this book and I cannot put it down. I only mildly knew about the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst but I read an interesting review about the book and thought it sounded fascinating. It is. The story of how Patricia Hearst gets kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and soon becomes one of them (or does she?) is capital B bonkers and this book captures that lunacy extremely well.