Squeeing Saturday - February 2017

February was a short month, but we still had time to squee over some things.


Song: Bad Behavior – The Maine

I love it when The Maine releases new music. LOVE IT. I was lucky enough to hear them play this at 8123 Fest last month (nope, still not done talking about it), and it was amaaaaazing. 

Podcast: Welcome to Night Vale

I’m slowly getting into Welcome to Night Vale, though I haven’t yet figured out how to multitask while listening to a podcast, so I’m only a few episodes in. But it’s intriguing, and some of their original songs are glorious. 

Show: The IT Crowd

I know Jane has mentioned it before, but I never got around to watching The IT Crowd until a couple of weeks ago and I LAUGHED SO HARD.

Book Series: The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater

I have to wait until September for The Raven King to come out in paperback but I just want to know how it all ends!!!!!


Video Game: Night in the Woods

I literally only started this game two days ago but I'm completely obsessed with the story, the aesthetic and everything it chooses to be. It's a beautiful and weird game about a college dropout which has no right being as enjoyable as it is.

Book: Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain

I blasted through this gastronomic book all about an inside baseball look at the culinary world. 

TV: The Good Fight

I never finished The Good Wife but I'm already head over heels for its spin-off The Good Fight . I always preferred Diane to Alicia and I'm so glad we get to have a show where Christine Baranski can really shine.