Things We Love About Spring

We're so happy to be out of winter's grasp, we're celebrating the things we love about spring!


The Breeze


One of my least favourite things about Winter is the harsh, cold wind that slaps you in the face. One of my favourite things about Spring is the light touch of breeze which keeps you at the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold.

the colours

Light colours abound in Spring. Florals are everywhere, which I know is not groundbreaking, but does make me very happy.



Irises are my favourite (though they sadly don't last very long once they've bloomed), but I enjoy flowers in general. Our garden is always a riot of colours in May/June and I love it.

My Birthday

Because even though I'm pushing thirty, I still get childishly excited for my birthday. LET'S ALL CELEBRATE ME FOR A DAY. 


Easter is exciting for two reasons: 1) it usually falls near my birthday (this year, it's actually on my birthday) and 2) it marks the end of Lent which means I can eat chocolate and drink cider again!!!

Warmer Weather

Much as I love my winter jacket, I like being able to put it away and walk outside in just a sweatshirt.