Reject Room #2

Once again, we've come across something popular that disappointed us. 



My sister and I tried to watch Trainspotting a couple of weeks ago because it’s a cult classic and the sequel (which just came out) is supposed to be just as great...but we just couldn’t get into it. Maybe we had to be paying closer attention (we were both working on other things), but neither of us could focus on what was going on (up until a truly disgusting sequence in Scotland’s worst toilet, which was NOT the best time to look up from my laptop, let me tell you). 



It seems to be sports season in the city, with the streetcars adorned with "Go Raptors" and "Go Jays Go" signs and I couldn't give less of a fuck. I've never understood the appeal of watching sports, I've never followed a team's progress from... I don't even know what they progress to. I find it boring and I'll be sticking to real entertainment, thank you very much.