All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes

(Props to George Orwell for the quotation I used as a title). 

Some people can’t start their day without out coffee. As for me, I prefer tea. Not just because it’s easy to rhyme, but because it’s good all of the time (I’m sorry, I’ll stop). 

Here you have my favourite mug with one of my favourite teas. Tea-lightful.

Here you have my favourite mug with one of my favourite teas. Tea-lightful.

Tea is teariffic. It’s just fact. Depending on which one you drink, there’s not a lot of caffeine, and some of them are even healthy for you! (well, relatively healthy, anyway).  I'm probably going about tea-drinking all wrong because I tend to leave the tea bag in the mug for literally hours (I've been known to make a cuppa at 9am and not finish it until just before lunch at noon). I also don't use any milk, like the British do, and I only use sugar in certain teas. 

I had a whole bunch of tea puns ready for this post but since I forgot most of them, I’m really straining here, so I’ll just leaf you to it. 

Here are three brands of tea you should try:

1) Twinings

The brand that first made me fall in love with tea. I drink their earl grey like nobody’s business and, over the years, I’ve expanded my collection (particular favourites include Winter Spice and Gingerbread). With over 300 years of experience (and an adorable shop on the Strand in London), Twinings is a dependable brand. Even the Queen loves them! 

2) Fortnum and Mason

First of all, Fortnum and Mason has to be one of the most gorgeous brands in the world. Whether it’s their beautiful packaging, delicious scents, or just their stunning store in Piccadilly, they’re hands down the prettiest suppliers of tea. Colour me eau de nil blue. 

Side note: their beehives are incredible. And they invented Scotch eggs!!

3) David’s Tea

For something a little more local (their flagship store is on Queen Street in Toronto!), try David’s Tea. With punny names and over 150 flavours to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something you like. I do notice, however, that their tea tends to smell stronger than it tastes (could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the flavour!). 

Honourable mentions (some of these are pricier, but so worth it):

Les Mariage Freres 
TWG Tea 
Tea by The 

What's your favourite type of tea? Or do you prefer coffee?