Your Next Netflix Binge: iZombie

I watched the first episode of iZombie, Rob Thomas' zombie crime-comedy CW series, when it first aired but never really got around to continuing the season. I've been sick for the past few days (and currently have no voice), so I decided it was the perfect time to binge the rest of it off of Netflix.

iZombie revolves around Live Moore, a doctor who is struck down in the prime of her life by a bad case of zombieism. She breaks off her engagement and takes a job down in the morgue, a place where getting brains is just another day on the job. Her boss, Ravi, is thrilled to have a zombie in his midst and does whatever he can to help Liv out.

There's a slight twist to Liv's kind of zombie, however. When she eats brains, she gains the memories, personality and skills of the... eaten. Because of this "psychic" ability, she begins to help out a homicide detective, to solve the murders of those who end up on her slabs. 

The show is very cute, and totally light-fare for something that revolves around a person eating other people. In no way shape or form does it come close to the quality of Thomas' previous efforts, Veronica Mars and Party Down, but the characters are charismatic and the plot is engaging enough to easily plow through the first season.