The Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening To: How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black

As creative people know, it's not always easy being a creative person. Working in the arts is a tough business (even just creating without getting paid, like I do, is incredibly taxing, obviously) and get take an immense toll on your emotions and your life. But no matter what you do, you can't quit art.

Michael Ian Black is here to help you through that.

His new podcast is called How to Be Amazing and you learn just that from experts in the creative field of arts and entertainment. He interviews incredible guests that are all over the creative board, like filmmaker Kevin Smith, editor and fashion connoisseur Tavi Gevinson and playwright/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, just to name a few.

He asks his guests all about their creative processes, what's gotten them to this point in their careers, and why they love doing what they do. Everyone's journey is different, and the lessons they've each learned are varied and fascinating. It's crucial to be able to hear these success stories especially when it sometimes feels difficult to want to continue when you fail to achieve your creative goals. 

The podcast is very funny and insightful and a truly wonderful listen. Hopefully, as I learn more and more from these amazing people, then maybe I too can learn how to be amazing.