When Jane Loses Her Post About Fan Expo, She'll Write About Dragon Age Inquisition Instead

So I wrote a whole post about going to Fan Expo but it got lost and I got sad and decided I'll redo it for next week but to make it up to Sam, since I refuse to drop the ball, I'm gonna talk to you about my obsession that has recently returned to me which is Dragon Age Inquisition.  


It came out almost a year ago and I put a good 200 hours into playing it. I had originally played it on PS3 but all the good DLCs came out on the PS4, so because I needed more to do with my time, I bought the PS4 version and now I'm playing a badass Qunari with a Mohawk and cut-off horns.  

Whats great about the game is that it is an open world game so you can literally wander around FOREVER. The setting is also unbelievable diverse and beautiful.  

Speaking of diversity, the characters are some of the most diverse I've ever seen (and we won't include the fictional races like the elves and the Qunari). Dragon Age has a lesbian, a bisexual, a pansexual, a trans man and multiple POC. Also, you can play as a woman and you are the most badass woman EVER.  

Though there's lots of in-game battles, which is never my favourite, there are plenty of puzzles and fetch quests that keep me coming back for more. This is a game that makes you want to be a completionist.  

Honestly, it's so easy to fall in love with the world and the characters that I'm willing to put another 200 hours in just to stay in Thedas.  

The latest DLC has just been released, called Trespasser. Go check it out today!