Jack is a Nerd

I don't usually follow YouTubers, but when I do, it's this nerd, Jack Douglass.

I accidentally stumbled across his channel, jacksfilms, four years ago when his Dexter parody popped up as a recommended video. From there, it was a slippery slope, and before you could say "Nailed It", I was hooked. 

Then I stopped paying attention to him for a while because I don't know, I got distracted by other things? But this year, I've re-discovered him and it's been hilarious. 

Jack is known for his shake-your-head-at-how-stupid-people-are Your Grammar Sucks videos (seriously, how hard it is to tell the difference between "rapping" and "raping"??). He's so close to hitting 100 which is impressive but is also an indication of how time flies because I remember laughing so hard I almost stopped breathing while watching the first episode like it was yesterday. 

He also likes talking about PMS: Parody, Music, and Sketches. 


"Take the curly fries out of your mouth and try, hippo" is my favourite motivational quote.

Other parodies of note: the WTF blanket, the Jesus Christ sponge, and any time he makes fun of Twilight.


Yes, I know all the words to this song. My sister usually sings Voldemort's part during the final battle. #expelliarmus

Other music videos of note: "Take Off Your Clothes Like Scarlett Johansson", "I Used to Whip My Hair Back and Forth", and "Winning: The Charlie Sheen Song".


Any time his sister and her boyfriend (husband? fiance?) make a cameo, you know it's going to be a good'un.

Other sketches of note: Weird DDR Battle, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Trailer, and LA Changes People.

There are also things like YIAY (Yesterday I Asked You) and JackAsk (where he answers questions in the most sarcastic way possible), plus his secondary channel jackisanerd where he used to post vlogs. And I think he does other things on other people's channels, but you know what, I'm going to let you biches* discover that for yourself (you can start by looking at his Wikipedia page). 

*that's a term of endearment, by the way, not an insult.

With over 1.9 million subscribers and 490 million views, he seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Who said being a YouTuber is not a job? >:)