Travel Thursday: Vancouver

My sister has to travel to Vancouver on business next week, and, since I'm not doing anything else, I'm going with her! I've always wanted to visit the West Coast and I'm looking forward to a few days of taking in Vancouver's culture.

Kids Books

A bookstore that specializes in kids' books. I mean, I know we have a couple of them in Toronto as well, but Kids Books is supposed to be MAGNIFICENT. So if I don't come back, it's because I've built a fort out of picture books and am hiding in the back of the store. 

Neverland Tea Salon

Only a few steps away from Kids Books, I fully intend on lunching there. While I'm a bigger Wonderland fan, I do enjoy Peter Pan - and can definitely relate to his dream of never growing up - so I'm pretty stoked to try one of the Tinkerbell-inspired cocktails. 

Vancouver Public Library

I've decided to turn the trip into a mini writing retreat so I'll be spending a couple of afternoons in the library. It's close to our hotel and since my sister will be in the office, I'll dedicate some time to working on a manuscript. 

Joe Fortes 

My sister has gone here before and always brings back a bottle (or two!) of their delectable lobster oil. I desperately want to experience their seafood for myself, so I'm going to try my best to have dinner there!


Heather and Lori - also known as the Cupcake Girls - own multiple bakeries in Vancouver and of course I'm going to pop into one of them. I used to watch their show, but's cupcakes. Why wouldn't I go in?