Why Did You Wait So Long?

I fly to Japan tomorrow, where I will be spending 10 days trying not to think of all my various responsibilities that I'm leaving behind, like this website. I promised myself that I would get all of my posts done early so that I wouldn't have to worry and I could just let them go online on their own. But I didn't. They're not done. And I want them done. I find myself asking me that question that plagued me through high school and university: why did you wait so long?

Sam and I actually have a post about procrastination, but she is a little bit more on top of things than I am. Leaving things and letting them pile up is something that affects me at home and in my creative life (luckily, at work, things somehow get done). My home and my creativity are two of the most important things to me. Why do I let them slide? I love having a clean apartment, and yet, I almost never do. I love having posts up and written, but I put off writing them for days. 

My brain feels cluttered. I haven't been on vacation in over 3 years. I miss it. I NEED IT. I need to get out of my headspace for a while. Maybe it'll bring me some clarity. But first... I have some writing to do.