Gilmore Guys: A Stars Hollow-Cast

I wasn't emotionally preparing myself for the upcoming Netflix season of Gilmore Girls. I wasn't doing any preparing at all. I wasn't even all that excited. Yes, I'd watched the entire series (mostly with my mom, for some mother/daughter bonding over mothers and daughters) but many moons had come and gone since I laid eyes on Stars Hollow and I no longer felt its quick-witted banter effect. Then I watched the Netflix trailer.

So. Many. Feels. 

I binged the first season last week and am already onto season two. I'm determined to finish the entire series before November 25. That task isn't completely impossible, but I'm also attempting to listen to the entirety of "Gilmore Guys", the podcast dedicated to recapping every episode of Gilmore Girls

Hosted by Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe (who also created one of my favourite Vines ever... RIP Vine), "Gilmore Guys" (a Stars Hollow-cast... a joke that I didn't get until Demi did) breaks down each pop culture reference (Peyton Place? Who was that reference for?), fashion choice (oy, with the rhinestones already),  and the grumpiness of Luke versus the smarminess of Max (... Ma-deez-nuts).

As I refuse to listen to episodes of the podcast before I've rewatched episodes of the show, I've only listened to season one so far, but I'm already regretting not starting the podcast when it first began, in 2014. I feel like I've totally missed out on going through the show slowly over the years, instead of blasting through a bull in Mrs. Kim's antique shop. However, I WILL be able to catch up before new content arrives, in three weeks. I'll be able to watch the new episodes when Demi and Kevin do, and my FOMO will be lessened slightly. The podcast is hilarious, snarky, full of freestyle rap and undying love for a one Mrs. Emily Gilmore. I wasn't there when they began to lead, but I am sure following now.