My Year in Podcasts

I listen to more podcasts than I do listen to music, watch television, or see movies. I know this, because I decided that this would be the year that I would calculate the exact amount of minutes that I spent listening to podcasts in one entire year (minus, I'm sure, a few hours of some comedy podcasts that I have definitely forgotten about). 

For the most part, I believe I've listed every single episode that have graced my eardrums, and here's what I've found.

Number of Podcasts Listened To: 36

Number of Podcast Episodes Listened To: 1,061

Number of Minutes of Podcasts Listened To: 56,123 

Number of Hours of Podcasts Listened To: 935.38

Number of Days of Podcasts Listened To: 38.97

Number of Months of Podcasts Listened To: 1.3

Percentage of the Year Devoted to Podcasts: 10.8%

Podcast with the Most Minutes Listened To: Gilmore Guys with 9,907

Podcast with the Fewest Minutes Listened To: CANADALAND with 29

Podcast with the Most Episodes Listened To: My Brother, My Brother and Me with 145

Best Podcasts of the Year: Gilmore Guys, West Wing Weekly, Reply All, The Flop House, Throwing Shade, Rose Buddies