When You're Ready... Join Rachel and Griffin McElroy on "Rose Buddies"

Full disclaimer right now: I have never seen a single episode of The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (BIP)/Bachelor Pad (RIP). I'm only obsessed with a podcast that's obsessed with those shows. 

Grab your SuperWater Zero and let's get on with the show!

Art by Mari Costa @marinscos

Art by Mari Costa @marinscos

So by now, you all must know that I've become quite the McElroy fan, and that does extend to the lovely wives of the McElroy brothers. Griffin and his wife Rachel, two hardcore Bachelor et al. fans, created a new podcast to dissect the dating reality show, one episode at a time. Currently, a new season of The Bachelor is airing, so each episode of the podcast is dedicated to the previously released Bachelor episode. 

As with all McElroy shows, this podcast is hilarious. Griffin and Rachel have an unabashed love for the show and they know exactly how to draw an audience in. From theories that one of the contestants is actually an incredibly advanced cyborg (I'm looking at your Caila-001) to shipping The Bachelor with his true love, sports, there's no need to dive into the actual show yourself. Rachel and Griffin tell you everything you need to know, with quick wit, enthusiasm and jabs at Juan Pablo, clearly the worst Bachelor ever. 

So if you miss Chris Harrison on your TV, were addicted to UnReal or just want another comedy podcast in your life, download Rose Buddies when you're ready. Which should be now. Do it now.