Tasty Toronto Treats

Now that spring is here and the weather is (arguably) better than it's been in the past few months, maybe you're ready to wander outside in search of food. Normally, I end up at a pub when I leave the house (because I'm usually on my way to a concert), but sometimes I experiment with some of the fine cuisine offered in our diverse city of Toronto. These are some of the most recent places I've tried. 

Located on Queen Street West just a few steps away from my favourite tattoo parlour (Adrenaline), Mi Taco is a fairly new place. Small, cute, and clean, the staff is friendly, the ingredients are fresh, and the prices are reasonable. There were a couple of different meal options, but we went with the combo - two tacos (you could choose different toppings for both), with a side of rice and re-fried beans. It was filling - not so much that I thought I was going to die, but enough to get me through a concert (Muse, if you're wondering).

Rock Lobster

Sometimes menus will advertise lobster products and you end up getting a thumbnail-sized amount of the crustacean. Not so at Rock Lobster - there, you get what you paid for in the best way. With a variety of lobster (and meat) based options, one of the most delicious poutine gravies I've ever tried, and elaborate cocktails (my Caesar included 1/2 lobster tail!), there's something for everyone. Including desert - their version of a beaver tail (a "whale tail") which was crunchy sweetness. Atmosphere-wise, it's exactly the type of place I'd hang out in...good thing there are two locations to choose from!

Let's Be Frank

There's nothing like a good hot dog (especially in the summer!) and Let's Be Frank is the perfect option if you're feeling adventurous. There are so many different toppings, you'll be tempted to go back over and over (and over!) again until you try every one. It's a cute place, with a small selection of vinyl (which you can choose to play) and pretty much every type of pop you could want (plus a good amount of local/craft beers if you're not there with a child). And if you have something against hot dogs (what is wrong with you?), they offer pub style foods, including "Nashville Hot Chicken" which sounds incredible.