Your New Podcast Obsession: Hello From the Magic Tavern

Warning: the following review of the following podcast is NOT REAL (*wink*).

Wonder what would happen if you fell through a dimensional portal at a Burger King and found yourself no longer in Chicago, but in a magical mystical land called Foon? Well wonder no more, you weird imaginative freak, because Arnie Niekamp is here to explain it all.

With a slight wifi signal that's coming through the portal from the Burger King, Arnie decides to start a podcast in the tavern The Vermilion Minotaur, about this new dimension he's come upon and learn all there is to know about Foon and the land of Hog's Face. He's joined every week by his two new friends, Usidore the Blue (Matt Young), a wizard with many names (and even some you will never know) who's on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord of Foon, and Chunt (Adal Rifai), a shape-shifter who happens to currently be a badger.

Every episode, Arnie, Chunt and Usidore chat with fellow tavern-goers, travelers and even a royal or two. Mostly improvised, conversations often revolve around Arnie refusing to explain Earth stuff (the listeners are from Earth, they don't care!), Chunt and Usidore attempting to understand Earth stuff, and figuring out the similarities between Earth and Foon (both have a Jewish population). 

As the show has gone on, it's become more narrative and all the characters have really begun to come to life. There's an underlying mystery of just how many other dimensions there are (surely, there's more than just Foon) and soon someone has to take Usidore up on his requests to join his quest. Hilarious, inventive and completely addictive, it's time for you to take a trip down to the Magic Tavern.