Sherlock: The Six Thatchers

I know it's Thursday, so you might not be expecting a post about a TV show, but since I've been losing my mind since the much anticipated fourth season of Sherlock premiered on Sunday, I'm breaking down that first episode, "The Six Thatchers", for you. 

I’ll tell you straight up that there WILL be spoilers in this post, so if you’re not caught up on the show, I’d close this page right about now. 

Since I just re-watched the series a few months ago, I remembered what was happening, though they helpfully had a “Previously on Sherlock” bit at the beginning of the episode. From there, we’re thrown right back into Mr. Holmes’ London, picking up immediately where The Abominable Bride left off. 

I’m positive that there are other well written, more coherent reviews of the episode up and about on the interwebs (here are links to a spoiler-free recap and a spoiler-full recap, if you're interested), so I’ll spare you a rambling synopsis. Instead, let’s pretend that I’m the type to live-tweet an experience (I can’t do it, I get distracted so easily), and relive my reactions basically scene-by-scene. 

There are many capital letters and spoilers here, so again, I beseech you to LOOK AWAY if you haven’t watched this episode yet. 

  • I’m going to squeal every time someone mentions Moriarty until he actually shows up on screen (probs not until the third episode, though). 
  • Mycroft and Sherlock have the most ridiculous relationship and I love it. 
  • What are the odds that all these headlines are based on real Holmes’ stories?
  • Sherlock: “It’s never twins.” BUT WHAT IF IT IS?
  • “Giles” Lestrade is such a great character. 
  • Sherlock faking ignorance at Margaret Thatcher’s identity is literally me every time I get drawn into a political discussion (except I’m not always pretending). 
  • Maybe it’s because I’m an emotional mess, but the son’s seizure and unexpected death is making me super sad. 
  • Mycroft hates humans and I feel him. Such a classy gent. 
  • Petition to make Toby the dog a major character. (Is Toby an important name in the original stories? Because I think the dog in The Great Mouse Detective is also named Toby, and it can’t just be a coincidence). 
  • Sherlock pool scenes are always so dramatic but also I’m just hoping Jim from IT shows up.
  • Nope, no Jim. Not in this episode, anyway :(
  • WHAT DOES A.G.R.A. MEAN????????
  • I have now learned what A.G.R.A. means.
  • Mary's new alias has the same birthday as me (April 16). 
  • Hahahaha, classic Sherlock, always one step ahead of the game (or is he?).
  • Bye AJ. It was nice knowing how you were connected to Mary. 
  • Kinda hoping the English lady is Irene Adler, but I’m pretty sure it’s not (it's not).
  • JOHN HAMISH WATSON. I don’t care if you’re a silver fox, you DO NOT cheat on your wife, especially after she just birthed your child. 
  • We all should have known it was this woman, but alas, we looked right past her. The lesson is: never trust a secretary. 
  • NOOOO, MARY (I guessed her end was near when the trailer came out in August but this is still SHOCKING). 
  • Martin Freeman deserves all the awards for this show, my gosh, his acting is just A+. 
  • DID MYCROFT JUST MENTION SHERRINFORD (who, I learned on Wikipedia many months ago, was supposed to be the third Holmes brother? Presumably older, since I’m fairly certain Mycroft refers to Sherlock as being the baby, though maybe he’s younger? Or in the middle?)???
  • I’m glad Molly gets to take care of Rosie, but where is John???
  • John’s message for Sherlock is breaking everyone’s hearts right now. 
  • Not gonna lie, I, like Sherlock, got very excited when I saw the blank disc with “Miss Me?” on it. Well played, Mary. Well played. 
  • I read like four spoiler-free reviews that told me to stay after the end credits, so unless Masterpiece Theatre cut it off, the post-credit scene was a bit of a let-down. 
  • I mean, yeah, I have SO MANY questions, but I was hoping for more than three seconds. 

Basically, half of the trailer was scenes from the first episode, and judging by the "Next time on Sherlock" preview, the other half of the scenes are from the second episode, so now I'm REALLY intrigued about the third episode and I just want them all RIGHT NOW. What did y'all think of this episode?