Your Next Podcast Obsession: Missing Richard Simmons

What happens when internationally beloved exercise guru Richard Simmons goes missing? That's what podcast host Dan Taberski (and friend of Richard's) is investigating. On Feb. 15, 2014, Richard Simmons didn't show up for his class at his gym, Slimmons. This was completely unlike Richard. No one knew where he was and how long he'd be gone. Three years later, and we're still not much closer to finding the answer.

"Missing Richard Simmons" is an examination of the life of Richard Simmons, who he is (was?), his impact on people and what his disappearance might mean. Though only four episodes have been released so far, I'm completely and utterly hooked. I'm not even a Richard Simmons fan but after listening to the episodes, I'm coming up with my own theories of why Simmons might have fallen completely off the face of the planet. 

It's incredibly interesting to hear first-hand accounts of Simmons from his friends, clients and even a Hollywood tour bus driver. Each person has their own take on Simmons but the overarching fact between everyone seems to be this: Richard Simmons was a genuinely good person. He would come and greet the Hollywood tour buses and take pictures with everyone. He would befriend people from across the world and keep up with them, giving them hope. He seemed to be a truly altruistic and selfless person. So why would someone like that just leave without telling anyone?

"Missing Richard Simmons" is a thrill ride. You can catch up on all the episodes aired so far here.