You're The Worst

Society functions through many rules that most people follow without question. We don't talk in movie theaters. We don't ruin weddings by taking photos of our junk with the disposable cameras at the table. We only take one sample at that frozen yogurt place.

And then there are those who feel no compulsion to follow the rules. Sometimes, those people are the worst.  

Jimmy and Gretchen are two such people, birds of a feather who meet at Jimmy's ex's wedding and immediately bond over their lack of compassion for others and their self-indulgence.  

Jimmy and Gretchen are the worst. And they're totally awesome.

The show You're the Worst revolves around Jimmy and Gretchen's evolving relationship and their non-committal desires: they want each other but they know that they'll end in disaster. 

What's great about Jimmy and Gretchen is that, as awful as they are,  they are under no delusions. They know that they're assholes. But they revel in it. They live exactly the way they want to live, no compromises. They don't care if you don't like it. That makes it more fun for them. 

Rounded out by their respective best friends, Lindsay and Edgar (who is the most humane out of the four), Jimmy and Gretchen navigate their lives with hilarity and disgrace. They're a trainwreck. And what a beautiful sight it is.