The Good, the Bad and the Downright Icky of the 'Supergirl' Leak

So if you are anything like me, which I'm hoping you are, you spend a lot of your day on social media catching up with the latest news of all things geeky. When The Mary Sue tweeted that the new CBS show Supergirl had its pilot leaked (possibly by CBS... that file was damn near flawless) I practically flew to my computer to go seek it out.  

I have to say... I pretty much loved it. 

But that's not that much fun to read. So here are the best, the worst, and the ickiest parts of the Supergirl pilot. Watch the trailer before reading through, as I'm not going to be recounting the storyline. Or watch the entire ep like I did because I have no self-control.

WARNING: Spoilers ahoy (however, if you've seen the upfront trailer, very little else can be spoiled, honestly).

The Good

There was plenty of amazing things that this episode had to offer. As a pilot, it was actually incredibly strong and makes me want to keep watching (infinitely). There is very little origin story, which is AWESOME. We get straight to the point within the first five minutes instead of wasting the entire episode on how Kara goes from being Kara Danvers (her adopted parents name), assistant, to Kara Zor-El, Supergirl.

Unlike its Kryptonian predecessor in Smallville, we're not going to have to wait nine years for Kara to learn about her powers, get a suit and goddamn fly. We get all of that in the first go round, letting us go through our growing pains swiftly and without too much incident.  

I'm already shipping Kara and Jimmy Olsen so that's already a plus. Any show that can hook me like that by the first ep is doing something right. The chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Mehcad Brooks is totally thrilling and I can't wait to see how their relationship develops. 

Speaking of the actors, Melissa Benoist was born to play Supergirl! Who knew? She proved good acting chops in her roles on Glee and in Whiplash, but she is proving that she is absolutely deserving of her own television show. She's got great timing, is ridiculously adorable and I can only see her getting better as the show progresses.  

Also: Dean Cain. He's in it for 2.5 seconds but I squealed for about a half an hour after. He best be in more episodes. Then again, if that's it, that is super hilarious. 

The Bad

Okay, this is going to come off as super neckbeardy, but I do have to get something off my chest. In no universe where both Kal-El and Kara are residing on Earth would Kal-El have no contact with Kara. It's just impossible. One of Superman's main desires is to find a connection to his home planet. KARA IS IT. The fact that he uses Jimmy as basically an errand boy/conduit between himself and Kara is RIDICULOUS. 

Now, I do get that there must be some legal issues for not having Superman as a character in this show. I'm guessing it has something to do with the upcoming Superman film, but I call foul. This is one time where DC would be wise to take a page out of Marvel's book and have a linked DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe). Honestly, I've done no research about any of this so I don't know any of the real reasons, so it's all speculative. But BECAUSE I KNOW NOTHING I AM ALLOWED TO NERDRAGE, OBVS. 

They also can't even say the name Superman. They refer to him as literally "him" throughout most of the episode. Kara calls him her cousin and Jimmy calls him his "friend in blue" (ugh). Yes, yes, rights, rights, but DAMNIT make up some plotline that makes me understand why they can't interact and I'll let it go. Okay? Okay. Moving on.

The Icky

This one is a bit annoying and I'm hoping it is just a symptom of "pilotitis." Kara's friend, Winn, is essentially a fuckboy. I'm hoping they tone down his pawing of her (and get rid of stupid lines like "wowwwww you're like super freaking pretty without your glasses, dur, it's like you were hideous with glasses, but now without them I can see your true beauty." Direct quote, obvs) because it'll get old real fast. His line about her being a lesbian and that's why she was never into him was super *sideeye* and gross. I don't need that in my super awesome female superhero show, k? 

The one good thing about Winn is that he's played by Jeremy Jordan and boy can sing! Paired with Melissa Benoist, a Glee alum, and I'm already hoping for a musical Supergirl episode.

All in all, despite the negatives (and what pilot comes off flawlessly, anyway?), I'm am basically waiting with bated breath until November. Like this, essentially: