Your Next Binge Watch: Narcos

Netflix produced content just seems to be getting better and better. Their latest venture is the Columbia-set Narcos, all about Pablo Escobar and his cocaine empire.

I know quite little about that time period, so I'm finding watching Narcos to be absolutely fascinating. The story is based on fact (with a few additional fictionalizations to make the plot run smoothly), and what a story it is. The men who ran the Columbian cartels became the wealthiest men in the world, but they also got huge targets on their backs from the American authorities, namely the DEA.

The show follows Pablo as he creates his empire and about the DEA agent, Steve Murphy, who takes his doctor wife down to Columbia to help out the Columbians who want their country back from under the mass corruption. 

The show is brilliantly acted, incredibly dark, and downright horrifying. One of my favourite parts is that the show is mostly in Spanish. There's no catering to English-speakers. You want a realistic show set in a country of Spanish speakers? They're going to speak Spanish.

This show is absolutely thrilling and you can stream all of it now on Netflix.