Fave TV Couples: The Ones Who Made It

I've decided to do a two part series on some of my favourite couples on TV: this week is about the ones who were together by the end of the series (or at least, wherever I left off). 

J.D. and Elliot

I weep every time they break up and weep even harder when they end up together. They had their flaws (individually and as a couple), but darn it all, I back them 110%. I basically shipped them from the minute they met, and honestly, the best part of season nine is knowing that they ended up married (and expecting a baby!). 

Jake and Amy

A new addition to my fave couples, I'm a sucker for a slow burn romance like theirs. From Jake’s secret pining to Amy’s reluctant admittance that she liked him too, and then having to act like a couple for a case??? That's straight up Nancy Drew and Frank Hardy in that one Egyptian mystery and I LOVE IT. Here's hoping they don't break up for some stupid reason this season. 

Luke and Lorelai

I hesitated putting them on this list because I don't know if they'll still be together in the revival (I'm setting fire to something if they're broken up again, I swear), but talk about a slow burn!! I literally waited years for them to hook up and re-watching the show kills me because I just want them to be happy together. I have a friend who thinks L&L are better off as "just friends" and I don't actually know what to say to her because NO, THEY ARE SOUL MATES. 

Dre and Bo

We don't see Dre and Bo starting a relationship since they're already married (with children), but they're so cute and supportive of each other. Even when they disagree with the other one’s schemes (any time Bo suggests that Dre save money and stop buying shoes, for example), they work it out like the adults they are and come up with a mutual solution.

Who are some of your fave couples? Let us know in the comments!