We Help the Helpless: Buffy Season Four and Angel Season One

You’ve probably forgotten by now that I’ve been re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, mostly because it’s been 4308435 days since I recapped season three. This is partially because I was alternating between Buffy season four and the first season of Angel, but also because MAN, SEASON FOUR IS SO DULL. 


-the crossover episodes. I already talked about that heartbreaking two-parter here, but towards the end of Buffy season four, Faith comes back (Faith may be psychotic, but she’s hella entertaining), and after switching bodies with Buffy (and then switching back), she moves on to LA where Angel swoops in and tries to save her from herself. Classic Angel. 

-the return of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in Angel. Wesley cracks me up and I like how his character develops from stuffy Watcher to Rogue Demon Hunter. 

-the “Hush” episode is pretty good, and that’s probably why it ended up being such a fan-favourite. Oh, and the “Superstar” episode because Danny Strong is always a great guest star.

-minor characters: Oz (in the first half of season 4), plus cameos from Darla and, as mentioned, Faith. Also Anya because you know I love Anya, and Doyle, who was great (but then died, so that was disappointing). And Christian Kane as Lindsey (my sister loves him). 

-Giles. Because Giles is the best. Especially drunk Giles/Giles serenading people with his music skillz (I never realized how much I love Giles until this re-watch). 

-Spike. Because pre-in-love-with-Buffy Spike is also the best (after Giles, obvs. Side note: does anyone else ship Spike/Giles or just me?)


-Riley and his military team of whatevers. Honestly, that plot line was so dull, I kept forgetting that Riley was even a thing until about halfway through season four. 

-Adam as the Big Bad...more like Big Boring, am I right??! 

-oh man, I just remembered Kate on Angel. Talk about boring. 

-Oz leaving and Tara swooping in to seduce Willow. I have nothing against Willow being a lesbian - in fact, I think it’s AMAZING - but I can’t stand Tara. She’s so dull!!!!

-I don’t really like Cordelia that much - she’s great as a background character, but I find her tedious and annoying when she’s at the forefront. Unfortunately, she’s a main character in Angel, which is frustrating. 

It seems like there were a lot more highlights than lowlights, but I think it’s because I blacked out for ¾’s of season four and only remember the good stuff. I don’t remember season five at all, but I really hope it’s better!!

In the meantime, here's a funny Giles/Spike scene: