Show You Should Be Watching: Superstore

Ever wonder what Walmart employees are really like? Curious about how a superstore really works? Even if you answered no to both those questions, you should still definitely check out NBC's new show Superstore.

This quirky comedy about the employees of a big box store called Cloud 9 is just what the doctor ordered  when you're looking for something light and refreshing. America Ferrera stars as Amy, a no-nonsense shift supervisor who knows she's meant for bigger things then working at a jewelry counter. Ben Feldman plays the new guy in the store, Jonah,  who attempts to find his place in this new environment. The cast is rounded out with incredible character actors like Another Period's Lauren Ash and Kids in the Hall's Mark McKinney.

Though the show has some cliched bits (the straight woman vs. the goofy new guy), all in all, it's incredibly sweet with lots of laugh-out-loud moments. The show is mid-way through it's first season on NBC.