It's a Lifestyle. It's a Religion. It's Gilmore Girls Season One

I have been a Gilmore Girls fan for approximately 15 years (which is over half my life) so when someone mentions the upcoming revival, you know I squeal with glee. In anticipation of four more episodes of Stars Hollow-y madness, I’ve decided to re-watch the series from the beginning. 

My eyes have been opened.

Let me start by saying that it’s still one of the greatest shows of all time and I will love it forever (unless the revival really ruins the characters for me), but MAN. Re-watching it after taking a break makes me notice a lot more little details that I either never registered or didn’t pay attention to the first seven times I watched it. 

The good ship Luke/Lorelai

I’m a hardcore Luke/Lorelai shipper. I have been since the beginning. I never liked any of her other boyfriends and I was always “eh” about Christopher (“eh” turned to “HOW DARE YOU” sometime around the season six finale), but nothing would make me happier than seeing Luke and Lorelai finally together for good. It’s interesting that season one pushes their potential relationship so much in the first dozen episodes with all the of long glances and flirty remarks and then...nothing. Christopher shows up, Rachel comes back, and Luke’s dreams of finding love with Lorelai are put on hold for another three seasons before you get something resembling a resolution.

It’s actually a little awkward, to be honest, particularly “That Damn Donna Reed” which is one of the most cringe-worthy, second-hand embarrassing episodes in the series, rivaled only by Lorelai’s drunken karaoke serenade in season seven (which I only remember because it was SO AWKWARD). 

Lorelai = Selfish

Maybe it’s because I’m now closer to Lorelai’s age than Rory’s (in season one, at least) but how did I never notice what a horrible person Lorelai is? Yeah, she’s funny and sarcastic and has a great (albeit sometimes wacky) fashion sense, but girl is so selfish. She constantly talks about herself even when the other characters are clearly going through their own thing and then makes a big deal if someone inconveniences her in the slightest way. Unfortunately, it also seems like she passed that trait on to Rory who, more often than not, neglects Lane in favour of Dean (has she never heard the phrase “hos before bros”?).

And while I get that the friction between Lorelai and her parents is one of the biggest plot points in the show, sometimes Lorelai’s melodramatic streak makes things worse than they need to be. She constantly goes on the defensive before Emily (who, admittedly, is the Queen of Sass), can even say a word, and it gets frustrating because hello, her parents are paying for her kid to go to school. Can’t she at least pretend to be civil once a week?

Their story lines lack continuity

Kirk shows up initially as Mick, then a swan delivery guy, then as a new guy named Kirk who doesn’t know anyone in town and works at the market, and eventually evolves into the Kirk we all know and...if not love, at least find amusing. I don’t understand why they gave him such a detailed backstory and changed his role in the community so much instead of just letting him be that random guy that recently moved to town. It’s just odd. 
Also, Stars Hollow has a mayor in season one. I don’t remember him ever showing up again - I just assumed Taylor, as town selectman, was the closest thing they had to a mayor - so that’s a little confusing too.

While part of me is sad that I’ve accidentally started dissecting my favourite show, I’m also wondering if this re-watch will change my mind about other characters. I’ve always liked Logan the best, but will I realize that Jess actually is the better match for Rory? (Maybe) Was April Nardini really as bad as I remember? (Probably) Do Luke and Lorelai truly belong together? (YES, YES THEY DO).