Getting Comfy Watching TV

Comfort TV is different for everyone. For some, it's watching reality TV. For others, it's binge watching the latest Netflix original series. For me, it's watching something that I know won't let me down. It's watching something old and familiar because I can't, for whatever reason, watch something I haven't seen before. They make me feel cozy and warm and I can rely on the knowledge that these shows won't steer me wrong. 

Right now, the show I keep coming back to are, first and foremost, is The West Wing. I'm currently on my second/third passthrough and I could probably watch each episode 10 times and still not catch every reference, see every nuance, understand every line. The show is so intricate, so unbelievably intelligent that, though I've seen it before, there's something new in it every time. I get the comfort of an old show with the discovery of a new show. It's a win/win.

Obviously, I'm still on a Noel Fielding high and if I want something whimsical and cheerful on, I put on my Mighty Boosh or Luxury Comedy episodes and am immediately transported on a journey through time, space and absolute bat-shit insanity. Like The West WingBoosh and Luxury Comedy are both so layered and have so much going on that there are things that you wouldn't necessarily catch the first go-around. The first time watching those shows is almost overwhelming. It's an assault on the senses, there's so much going on. Boosh does have a more narrative slant, but the first series of Luxury Comedy is at first almost a struggle to get through due to its abstract nature. However, now I rely on both for pure joy and excitement and I can pop on any episode at any time (neither is particularly linear) when I need a break from reality and a spin through some creative minds.