Fantastic Spoilers And How to Avoid Them

When you watch a lot of TV like I do, but when you don't have cable, like I don't, staying on top of currently airing television takes work and a significant amount of effort maneuvering around the Internet. It's impossible to escape the spoiler. It awaits you in every crevice of Twitter, ten thinkpieces lie ready to pounce on you on Facebook, even real people in the real world using their real voices will interject when you least expect it with a "Did you watch Game of Thrones last night?"

The threat of the spoiler has created one interesting trend: people seem to be watching TV live again. If you wait a day after you've DVRed (or heaven forbid, wait a whole season to binge), you're too late. The content is out there and you're now on a stealth mission to get through your day avoiding your favourite websites, your co-workers and all communication of any kind. 

Everything moves so fast now that we've come back to our roots of watching TV on TV (or at least watching HBO on TV) so that we don't miss a beat. Instead of being the spoilee, we can become the spoilers for all those who decided to have a life instead of spending their Sundays huddled around the boob tube seeing who is one step closer to the Iron Throne and wondering if Winter will every truly come. We're taking the power back. 

But don't talk to me for another two days until I'm all caught up.