Loyalty in "The Americans"

Since I'm all about taking advantage of services I don't have to pay for, I've been using my mother's Shomi account since Netflix has decided to block my proxy server and is being an all-around dick. While flipping through options on Shomi, I came upon the movie Waitress, which is probably one of my favourite feel-good movies. It's bright and beautiful and it will make you fucking ravenous for a good slice of pie. It stars Keri Russell and because that movie is so endearing, I wanted to continue on the Russell-train. I decided to start watching The Americans.

To say that The Americans is about as faraway from a feel-good romp about a pie-maker as it gets is an understatement. Set in the early 1980s, during the beginning of the Reagan administration, The Americans is about two deeply undercover Soviet spys (Russell and Matthew Rhys) as they attempt to blend in among their enemies as they do the bidding of their Mother Russia. The show is thrilling, nail-biting and super sexy.

Though I'm two seasons behind on the show, which has just started airing its 4th season, what strikes me most about the show is the loyalty the two protagonists have for their country. They would do anything for the Motherland. It made me wonder if anything could inspire even a minute amount of that loyalty in me. What must it be like to have complete faith and belief, with no reservations, in something or someone? Would I be willing to kill for someone? Would I be willing to die?

I truly didn't expect to wax philosophic as Russell and Rhys don wigs and glasses and go about their Soviet duties but it is something to think about. Luckily, these are questions I don't have to answer anytime soon but it is nice to take away more than just entertainment from entertainment.