Those Who Laugh Together, Stay Together - Why the Belchers are Revolutionary

I've seen a lot of sitcom families in my day, from the Matthews to the Simpsons to the Griffins. They're all well and good but what I truly believe is that the greatest sitcom family on TV right now is far and away the Belchers of Bob's Burgers. And you know why? They laugh at each other's jokes.

Yes. That's the reason. It may seem small but by laughing at each other's jokes, the Belchers showcase a few things: the fact they listen to each other and the fact that they can take a second away from themselves to focus on another person... and praise them. Here's a perfect example:

It's so sweet and so simple but it makes the Belchers who they are, which is a compassionate, loveable and loving family. Yes, they may have their tiffs and arguments, but at the end of the day, they have each other's backs, knowing that a laugh can go a long way.