Your Next Binge Watch: Uncle

I'm a fan of British comedies, and every so often, I'll take a dive through Netflix to see what the various BBCs have to offer. A few weeks ago, I was at my Mom's, and we decided to check out the show Uncle, pretty much based on looking at the poster alone. 

Uncle is a show about Andy King, a womanizing, mostly stoned, wannabe musician who is asked, out of the blue by his sister, to take care of his nephew Errol, one afternoon. Chaos, adventure and hilarity ensues, as Andy and Errol begin to bond and connect, not only as uncle and nephew, but as friends. As the series progresses, we start to see more of Andy's BoJack Horseman-like narcissism, Errol's anxiety and how the two react when they have to face serious problems, like the custody battle between Errol's parents. 

The show has a bit of About a Boy to it, what with an older man reluctantly taking care of a younger boy (whose mother is mentally ill), but with its many musical interludes and an actual familiar relationship between the two protagonists, Uncle is able to distinguish itself as its own entity. The show is very witty and many of the featured songs (penned by Nick Helm, who also plays Andy) are incredibly catchy and fun. Uncle has a lot of heart and with only 6 episodes in each season, it's a great way to spend an evening.