"The Good Place" is Good... Really Good

When I learned that Kristen Bell was going to be on TV again, co-starring alongside of Ted Danson no less, I started my anticipatory countdown for when the show was going to air. I wasn't too concerned with what the show was going to be about, I just knew I wanted to watch it. The fact that it has one of the most interesting premises of a television show in a very long time is only a bonus. 

The Good Place is a new comedy by Mike Schur (of Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame), that finds Bell's character, Eleanor, in "the good place" after she dies, a place where only the best people on Earth find themselves after their demise. The thing is... Eleanor isn't good. She's actually quite bad. Someone has screwed up and soon, "the good place" starts to get wonky.

The show is very sweet and fun and inventive. Every person in "the good place" has a soul mate and Eleanor's is a wonderful Ethics Professor named Chidi, who attempts to teach Eleanor how to be good so she can remain in "the good place" and not get sent down to where she actually belongs, all while keeping her true nature a secret from Michael (Danson), the Director of "the good place."

The show will need to be able to keep up with its interesting concept, and so far it's doing an excellent job. It will be a challenge, as all conceptual shows are, and I hope it will be able to continue to find its groove since we need more high-concept shows on network television. So far The Good Place is really good. Let's hope it stays that way.