Your Next Netflix Binge: Santa Clarita Diet

I guess I've been on a bit of zombie kick recently: not only am I almost done season two of iZombie, but I spent a couple of days binge-watching Santa Clarita Diet - and you should too. 

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are Sheila and Joel Hammond, a realtor couple whose normal lives are thrown into disarray when, one day, Sheila vomits an insane amount, momentarily dies, and opens her eyes again with a sudden craving for human flesh. 

From that moment on, Joel dedicates time to understanding more about his wife's condition, even trying to find a cure...all while making sure she's well-fed, and avoiding their suspicious sheriff neighbour, Dan. 

The Hammonds' teenage daughter, Abby, also has to deal with her mom's newly undead status, while also becoming friends with her nerdy neighbour, Dan's stepson Eric, and just generally being really cool (there's one episode where she gets revenge on her friend's ex, and it's amazing). 

Most of the characters have their fair share of funny moments, but Timothy Olyphant is the scene-stealer. Whether he's dramatically reacting to a new effect of Sheila's zombiesm (like when she slowly starts deteriorating) or dropping a well-placed curse (the amount of swearing somehow makes this show funnier?), he's easily the best character in all of Santa Clarita....though you also have to give Drew Barrymore props for managing to combine her usual sweet demeanor with a more aggressive flesh-eating persona. 

It can be kinda gross sometimes (seriously, Sheila vomits EVERYWHERE), but it's also clever and laugh-out-loud hilarious (it's from the creator of one of my favourite short-lived shows, Better Off Ted). With only ten episodes, it's easy to binge-watch. So what are you waiting for? Start the Santa Clarita Diet now!