Top 5 Songs from Hamilton Act II (So, If You Don't Know, Now You Know)

Continuing from Monday's post, here are the top 5 songs from Hamilton, Act II.

Cabinet Battle #1

We jump right into the second Act with a song by the newly returned Thomas Jefferson and this song is where Hamilton and Jefferson first go toe-to-toe in probably the most interesting Cabinet meeting I've ever heard.

Washington On Your Side

I picked this song simply because of the line "Southern motherfucking Democratic Republicans." That's legit why I picked it. It's an incredible song but that line makes it for me.


We had an Angelica ballad in the first act and so I have to talk about the amazing Eliza ballad in Act II. This song is just after Eliza (and everyone else) hears about Alexander's infidelity. Philippa Soo NAILS the emotional weight of this song.

It's Quiet Uptown

I cry everytime I listen to this song, which occurs after the death of Alexander and Eliza's son Phillip. Honestly, just thinking of the word "Unimaginable" practically puts me into hysterics.

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

I have to include the finale as it rounds off everyone's story neatly and beautifully.