Woman Crush Wednesday: Lynn Gunn

Hello, yes, I know I wrote a WCW post two weeks ago, but I fudged up the timing so here's November's installment a little early. Today I want to talk about Lyndsey Gunnulfsen aka Lynn Gunn from the band PVRIS. 


Isn't she cute? More than cute, I like to describe her as "fierce" - using the Tyra Banks definition, obviously.  

Lynn has a powerful voice. Not just literally - if you think PVRIS sounds fantastic recorded, you should hear her live - but she's vocal in the scene as well, whether she's defending her band from rumours of ghost-writing, or explaining that she thinks coming out is "something that needs to be shared publicly". 

I never had someone to look up to and be like ‘oh that person is OK and they’re gay.’ If I can be that for someone then it’s why I’m open about it.
— Lynn Gunn

As I mentioned on Monday, it's hard to believe she's only 21. Her lyrics seem wise beyond her years, using ghosts and paranormal phenomenon as metaphors for depression or the "really rough patch in [her] head". The result? Storytelling gems like "Holy" and " St. Patrick" - catchy songs full of honesty and heart that you can relate to on some level, because you've experienced the same feelings or maybe the words just strike a chord. There's a certain amount of emotion in the songs that pull you in, and it's amazing that someone as young as Lynn knows just how to pick and choose her words to get those feelings across. 

Just be honest and write whatever you’re feeling. That’s the main process. Capturing everything that you feel exactly and not trying to filter anything.
— Lynn Gunn

Despite only having been a band for a few years and having undergone some changes (most notably their shift from a five-piece metalcore group to a three-piece electro-pop outfit), PVRIS is making a lasting impression, and Lynn's already-established position as a positive role model in the scene is going to keep growing alongside the band's success.