Woman Crush Wednesday: Jess Bowen

It’s time for another Woman Crush Wednesday, and this time, that honour goes to the very talented Jess Bowen.

Jess is the drummer from The Summer Set (who, you may recall, I talked about on Monday). I have a huge amount of respect for female drummers. There are not that many in the scene, and she’s genuinely amazing at what she does.

Not only is she a founding member of TSS, but recently, she joined forces with Jordan Witzigreuter (aka The Ready Set) to form Nekokat. They’ve released a couple of songs, but their first single, “Gimme a Break” is ridiculously catchy.

Also, let's be real: I think Jess is super pretty and I honestly think she broke a lot of dudes' hearts when she came out. She somehow manages to look great even after sweating her way through a show, which is mind-blowing to me, since I can’t even stand in a concert crowd without looking like I’m half-dead. 

I don’t listen to a lot of bands with female members, something I’ve been working on over the past year or so. But, even though Jess doesn’t sing with TSS (apart from backup, I mean), I love that she’s such a prominent member. I love the recognition she gets, and I love how she’s going to inspire so many girls to follow their drumming dreams (even I want to be a drummer because of her, and I’m not nearly coordinated enough).

On a personal level, I think Jess is relatable. She's in her mid-twenties, she's in a successful band, but she still doesn't necessarily have it all figured out. And that's okay, because, as a fan going through the same experience, it's cool to see how she's dealing with "growing up". Despite having seen The Summer Set many times (it's making me a little anxious that they haven't been to Toronto yet this year), I've never met Jess. It's pretty much my goal for the next time they're in town and I think she'd be awesome to hang out with.

I think in our society we feel this pressure to act like we have it “all figured out” all the time. But honestly, I don’t think we ever have it all really figured out, and that’s absolutely okay. At one point or another in our lives, we all feel lost, scared, and alone, but there’s comfort in knowing that you aren’t the ONLY one feeling this way. I’ve noticed that a lot of us keep our feelings to ourselves because we don’t want to let ourselves be vulnerable. I’m absolutely guilty of this as well, but I’ve learned that it’s okay to talk about these feelings.
— Jess Bowen

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