Take Off Your Colours: A Look at Three You Me At Six-based Clothing Brands

As I told you on Monday, I love love LOVE the gents in You Me At Six. So, obviously, I've bought a ton of merch from them over the years, and I have to admit to spending absurd amounts of money ordering products from their three individual clothing lines. That's right: three out of five members of You Me At Six have their own clothing companies (up until earlier this year, it was four out of five). Here's a brief overview of what they're all about. 

Brand: Cheer Up Clothing

Owners: Matt Barnes and Edward Thomas

Established: 2007

They claim to make clothes that are "confident, individual and that [make] customers feel good." As the proud owner of a very comfy hoodie and a beanie that I wear in pretty much all types of weather, I can attest to that. Whether you're looking for something basic to wear to work or a fun shirt for your next concert, they've got you covered. 

Brand: Become Antique

Owners: Max Helyer and Henri Pickersgill

Established: 2010

They pride themselves on delivering the "best service and highest quality garments available". Don't tell the others, but Antique is actually my favourite. There's something about their clothes that's so ridiculously comfortable and makes me feel a million times cooler than I actually am. 

Brand: Welcome to Flinttown

Owners: Dan Flint and Drew Catmull

Established: 2013

Now, admittedly, most of this range is limited to snapbacks, which I cannot pull off (my ears stick out and it's weird), but I do have a FTWN beanie which is super cool and helpful for long Canadian winters. Plus, having met Dan, I can say that he's genuinely very nice