Time to Get Grumpy

Do you like video games? Do you like to laugh? Do you like watching people play video games and laughing?

If not... Well, just skip this post.

Game Grumps is a YouTube channel with over 3000 videos (yes, I got to these guys a little late) with hilarious gamers playing popular (and some not so popular) games while providing hilarious commentary throughout. 

Everything you could want is represented on this channel. Want playthroughs of new epics like Bloodborne? Game Grumps has you covered. Curious about King's Quest but aren't sure if you want to pick it up yet? Check out the latest vids covering the new game. Wondering why The BachelorHell's Kitchen and Coldstone Creamery all have mysteriously have video games dedicated to them? The Grumps are on the case. 

The content is near endless (seriously you guys, OVER 3000 videos) and they bring in epic YouTube gamers to play along like Markiplier and ProJared. The Grumps are funny, relatable and ridiculously addictive. I've been watching videos all week and my life has been better ever since. 

If you're not sure if Game Grumps is for you, check out some of the animated videos. They're just snippets of what the Grumps get up to, like this odd text exchange between two of the Grumps, Danny and Arin, about "the Facebook movie."