Woman Crush Wednesday: Portia de Rossi

Sam here with your monthly Woman Crush Wednesday. August's WCW is the lovely Portia de Rossi. 

Some of you may know her as Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, while others caught her on Ally McBeal or Arrested Development. I never watched Ally McBeal, and I'm only now watching Arrested Development for the first time (yes, I know, I'm over a decade late to this banana stand), but my first real encounter with Portia was when she played one of my all time favourite characters, Veronica Palmer, on Better Off Ted

She was one of the best parts of the show: not only did she have some great lines, but her delivery was on point. She played the part of cold, tough businesswoman with an unexpected sweet side perfectly. 

While I've only watched the first season so far, I'm also loving her as Lindsay Bluth. I find it especially fascinating that Lindsay is often mocked for her eating/drinking habits by her mother Lucille, while Portia suffered from anorexia in real life. 

Still, she somehow worked through it and ended up being fabulous. With great hair, too.

I just read her autobiography, Unbearable Lightness (look for my review on Friday!), and it was a hard read at times, to think of one of my favourite actresses going through such a rough time. Of course, I was pleased when the last few chapters touched on her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, because, really, they're adorable together. 

But that's something that I admire about Portia: she worked hard and went through a lot to get to where she is now, leaving her native Australia to start a new life as an actress in the States, changing her name (I did not know that she was born "Amanda Rogers"), and coming to terms with her sexuality - all this while under 100 lbs. From what I can tell, she's much healthier now, and clearly a lot happier and I think that shows in her art (i.e. the roles she plays). 

In addition to being an actress, she also makes time for some philanthropic pursuits, supporting charities like Locks of Love and Alley Cat Allies. Using one's fame to fund-raise or draw attention to a charity is always an admirable quality. 

Plus, let's be real, I think she's gorgeous.