Need a Makeup Guru? Check out Temptalia

Over the years, I've become quite the makeup enthusiast. A little bit of finding the perfect foundation shade here, a little bit of experimenting with bright lipsticks there. Makeup has become a wonderful way of expressing myself (and it's always the best to get lady compliments when you've done it particularly well). 

The thing is, I'm definitely not an expert and I definitely need guidance some days.

That's where Temptalia comes in.

Temptalia is a beauty blog that is encyclopedic in its knowledge of all things makeup and beauty. Each post details a product minutely as well as demonstrating swatches so you can see what those products will actually look like on a human being. And even though most of the products Temptalia receives are from companies, she is brutally honest, giving you her real opinion from drugstore brands to high-end makeup lines. 

One of my favourite parts of the website is the Dupe List. Not everyone can afford an Audacious Lipstick by NARS (I know I can't). All you need to do is look up the coveted lipstick and the site will list all the various other lipsticks that are similar (and most likely, far less expensive). 

This woman's excel spreadsheets must be out of this world.

So if you're looking for a new eyeshadow or lip liner, or just want to see a seriously well executed website, check out