Mike and Tom Eat Snacks On the Internet

Ever ate a snack that you wanted to talk about so badly that you decided to start a podcast about it? WELL DON'T, because Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh already did that. "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks" or MATES, is a podcast where Mike and Tom eat snacks... on the Internet. That's really all the show is. They pick a snack, eat the snack, then review the snack. There are 99 episodes, each at least a half an hour long. And it's fucking hilarious. 

As former co-stars of the underrated show Ed, Mike and Tom have an easy rapport that makes good podcasting and quick wit that makes for me stifling my laughs on the subway. Though I knew of MIB's comedic talents, I had no clue Tom was just as hysterical (sometimes even more so... see episode 18 where he compares Dave Matthews Band to Elliot Gould). 

This show is a bit of a throw-back and there aren't really any recent episodes but for a good laugh and to know why yogurt is rated "fuck you", check out "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks."