Woman Crush Wednesday: Sydney Sierota

This month's WCW is about the Anna Kendrick-Taylor Swift mashup that is Sydney Sierota, the lead singer of Echosmith. 

I feel vaguely creepy talking about Sydney only because she's nearly a decade younger than me, but girl has style and a fantastic voice. In between touring the world with her (literal) band of brothers, she's also a model for a huge talent/model agency, Wilhelmina. She doesn't let the fame get to her head though, and seems to be a pretty down-to-earth type of gal.

There’s of course going to be people who think we’re cool and we’re appreciative of that, but it’s definitely not getting to our heads. We still make fun of each other in a healthy and humble way … but it is nice to see that people look up to us.

Sydney is definitely one of the "cool kids". Her lyrics are familiar and relatable, she's loyal to her family (I imagine it gets tiresome, constantly touring with only brothers for company, but they show real affection for each other on stage and online), and she manages to look great even when performing at Warped, as seen in this picture (how does she do it?)

Sydney is the type of role mode we need for girls, because she shows that it's okay to be a "girly-girl", the type of girl who likes dresses and make up, while being confident enough to get on stage every night and perform in front of hundreds of people.