Watch a Bad Movie, Then Talk About It: Entering The Flop House

For someone who has a degree in Film Studies, I've seen shockingly few films. My time with the film bros mostly consisted of nodding and knowing enough to fake it. Not that I don't love movies, I do, I just never seem to set aside the right amount of time for them. Fortunately, the next best thing to watching movies yourself is having some hilarious podcasters watch terrible ones and then talk about them. Enter The Flop House.

Hosted by Dan McCoy, Stuart Wellington and Elliot Kalan, The Flop House has these three funny guys watching horrendously bad movies and then re-telling their plots for the listener. More often than not, the summarizing will go off into tangents where the three will riff off each other with comfort and ease. Butts will be sought after, songs will be sung and beers will be had as the Floppers delve further and further into bad-moviedom and luckily they're taking us all along on the ride.